Instgram Filters: Pros and Cons

Instgram Filters: Pros and Cons

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By: Daniel Gertis

The Instagram filter is a magical thing. It can turn a photo from drab to fab in just seconds. The right filter can capture your personal style, save your memories, and turn you and your friends into Instagram models. But a quick-fix filter isn’t always the best answer. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Instagram filters:

Pro: Makes your photos look more professional

Why slave away to carefully edit the highlights, lowlights, and colors of your images when a professional designer already has the exact edits you need in a filter? By clicking Juno or Lark, your beach memories look like they belong in a catalog.

Con: Everyone’s photos look the same

According to Bustle, the most popular filter in every U.S. State is Clarendon. That means it looks like you and everyone else sipping their grande frappuccinos went on the exact same nature hike. By using Instagram’s custom editing tool, you can change the lighting, color, fade, and many other elements yourself so that your images are unique but still have great aesthetic.


selfie in meadowPro: Easy fix for a photo that doesn’t show your best angles

That awkward moment when everyone else looks good in the group photo except you? Fix it with a filter that can make you look better and/or your friends look worse. You can’t always take 50 slightly different versions of the same selfie, so sometimes you have to rely on a filter to help you show your best self on Instagram.

Con: Some fixes require more specific attention than a filter

While filters can gloss over some minor problems in your photos, they can’t always give you the glow up you had in mind. Use outside apps like PhotoShop and Aviary to target specific areas in your pics, so you and your friends can have the whitest teeth, clearest skin, and best bods. Theses apps have their own built in filters and have all the same quick edits as Instagram, but with more options to take editing to the next level.


nature phonenature phone

Pro: Using similar filters on all your photos is great for your aesthetic

Dedicated Instagram users often apply the same or similar filters to every photo so that their feeds have a professional and uniform look. This strategy is great for personal branding, uniting your posts and creating a personal style. It showers your followers you really care about what you post

Con: The same filter might not be great for every post

Using too many different filters can make your feed look cluttered and careless, but a single filter might not be the greatest match for the mood and content of everything you want to post. Consider how an individual filter or edit will fit in with both the individual post and your feed as a whole.