Lillee Bellia

When it comes to social media, businesses all have the same goal in common: Reach as many people as possible and increase engagements. It seems feasible in writing, but consistently posting high-quality content that resonates with your followers requires an immense amount of time and creativity. As an active user of social media for almost a decade, I have compiled a list of my favorite tools for managing successful social media platforms!

  1. UNUM

UNUM provides a grid that allows you to layout upcoming posts and plan your captions. This app is perfect for users who want to maintain a certain aesthetic or color scheme within their profile. UNUM also tracks your top posts and records the best times for you to post new content based on past posts.

  1. HootSuite

Hootsuite allows you to create a schedule for your upcoming posts on all of your social media platforms, alleviating the stress of manually posting every single day. You can post directly from the app or, as seen in my screenshot, you can select a time in the future when the app will automatically publish it for you.

  1. Canva

When it comes to creating attention-grabbing graphics that don’t require an extensive amount of background knowledge in design, Canva is your go-to. Canva is both a desktop and mobile application; however, I prefer to use it on a desktop due to the bigger size and easier mobility. You have the option to create your own graphic from scratch, or work within a template. In this screenshot, I used a template and altered the colors and text to match my company’s brand.

  1. Adobe Spark Post

Whether you want to create your own original design or use a template, Adobe Spark Post gives you the tools to make a captivating graphic in less than 10 minutes. My favorite feature within the app is the “style” tab which provides you with a plethora of variations to redesign the text within your image.

  1. IFTTT

Do you want your content to cross-post between all of your social media channels? If yes, IFTTT is the perfect tool for you. Within the application you can specifically choose what functions you want to use and which platforms you wish to link up.