Melissa Rothman


Melissa Rothman

Associate Director Marketing and Production

Melissa is a daughter, sister, aunt of two, cat mom to one, and big-time nerd. She devotes herself to anything and everything she loves and is passionate about. This makes her incredibly dedicated to her work and clients.

Her compassion and empathy for others allows her to stand out from others in her field because she will be dedicated to each client and job.

She began as a graphic design and marketing intern for SunSpin Media in July 2019 after a couple years of freelance work and has moved up the ladder quickly, becoming director of marketing and production. Melissa is very proud of the work she has done and is open to learning every day from her interns and her colleagues.

Melissa is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society through Erie Community College and has graduated with honors with her BFA in Communications Design at Buffalo State College.