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5 Tools To Master Social Media

Lillee Bellia When it comes to social media, businesses all have the same goal in common: Reach as many people as possible and increase engagements. It seems feasible in writing, but consistently posting high-quality content that resonates with your followers requires an immense amount of time and creativity. As an active user of social media for almost a decade, I have compiled a list of my favorite tools for managing successful social media platforms!   1. UNUM UNUM provides a grid that allows you

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This past Sunday saw the Writer’s Guild of America hand out their awards to the top film and television writers. Jordan Peele’s Get Out and James Ivory’s Call Me By Your Name won big in the film categories, while The Handmaid’s Tale, Big Little Lies, and Veep continued their success with big wins in the television categories. The WGA Awards are not great at predicting the Oscar winner due to their specific guidelines making most of the Oscar nominated screenplays ineligible. That makes it difficult to compare the two award categories. One of the Oscar favorites, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,

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05 February

The 45th Annie Awards

Animation, specifically Disney, holds a special place in my heart, so to see any and all types of animation honored at the Annie Awards is wonderful. Since its inception on 1972, the Annie Awards has sought out the best animation across all categories, even including student films. The Oscars only started recognizing animation, both feature and short form, in 2002, so the Annie Awards was the place for animation to get it’s due. Since the Academy added it to its roster, the Annie Awards have awarded films that would go on to win at the Oscars 11 out of 16

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On Saturday, the Directors Guild of America handed out their awards, further complicating the Oscar race. First a quick recap of the night. Instead of taking on the sexual misconducts of Hollywood, host Judd Apatow and presenters focused on gender. They expressed their disappointment in lack of women behind the camera, pointing out the great female films of the year as proof of what female filmmakers are capable of. Even though the film category lacked any female winners, the DGA made some strides in the television categories, with woman winning 3 of them. However, there is still a long way

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Every February there is one event that many look forward to (and no it’s not Valentine’s Day). It’s Super Bowl Sunday! There’s food, football, friends, family, and, most importantly, commercials. Whether you are a football fan or not, everyone tunes in. The Super Bowl has become the most watched event on television, beating out M*A*S*H’s final episode in 2010, and continues to break its own record every year. That’s a lot of eye balls on one event.

It has become the perfect opportunity for advertisers to get their products seen, but at a price. In 2017 it cost

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