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The first Sunday of 2018 kicks off this year’s awards season with the airing of the 75th Golden Globes. However, this year there is more at stake than who goes home victorious. Hollywood has recently been rocked by scandal after scandal after mega-producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment and assault by more than 80 women. The Golden Globes marks Hollywood’s first televised event since these accusations, which have now included dozens of other prominent figures in the entertainment world, have gone public. Alyssa Milano added fuel to the fire with her popular #MeToo campaign across social media, which

Posted by Lauren Antkowiak
08 December

SunSpin Holiday Hype

This holiday season SunSpin Media is offering to take care of your to-do list.


Holiday Parties, Family Reunions, Season’s Greetings CardsHoliday Cards, Family Photographs, and so much more can drain you of the energy it takes to have fun this holiday season. Instead sit back with a warm cup of cocoa and let us help you out.


It’s nice to get cards around the holidays, but it’s also very time consuming. SunSpin Media has professional holiday designs to fit any family. Haven’t had time to

Posted by Gabrielle Darling
07 December

So Long Fall 2017

As we move into the new year, so must we – the Fall 2017 Interns. We’ve learned a lot here at SunSpin Media and we’ll be sorry to go, but there are new adventures and new roads for each one of us.


Our crafts and knowledge were different as well as our personalities and backgrounds, but when you combine something you can produce something awesome and new.


I hope we’ve been successful in this endeavor during our time here. Each of us took on new responsibilities and stepped out of our comfort zones.


Posted by Gabrielle Darling

Makeup is an interesting word. For most individuals it’s simply a substance they place upon their lips and cheeks to add color or rid themselves of a blemish. For others it’s an art form where the possibilities and canvases are endless. IMG_0545 Lisa Martin is one such individual who believes in the endless possibilities surrounding make-up, body paint, and prosthetics. We were fortunate enough to have this fantastic woman take time out of her

Posted by Gabrielle Darling

If you live in a snowy climate you know you can’t let a little weather stop your creative pursuits. Still it can be daunting to film in the snow and cold – which is why SunSpin Media has come up with five tips for filming in winter.


#1 Layers are Lovely


Stay warm. It seems fairly obvious, but even on a warm and sunny winter day the weather can take a sudden turn. Wear insulated and waterproof hiking boots, thick socks, long underwear, snow pants or a

Posted by Gabrielle Darling