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08 November

Storyboarding Advice

Storyboarding is a key concept in writing, animation, and film. Still it’s a complicated process that requires consistency, forethought, and creativity. SunSpin Media has developed these tips and tricks for accurate and visually appealing storyboards to make filming easier.


#1 Purpose

When you go to storyboard you have to think of each image as both a separate entity and a continuous idea. Each of your drawings should be interesting and dynamic, but above all they need to have a purpose. They should reveal something, establish character or relationship, or build suspense.


If someone is eating a sandwich laced with poison and

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SunSpin Media uses 3 tips in our own graphic design work to make your nocturnal memories as vivid as daylight.


#1: Camera Settings

Dealing with dim lighting isn’t as bad as it seems. When photographing night scenes the camera requires more time to sense the faint light from the moon or other light sources, therefore it requires longer exposure. There are several methods to deal with this and we recommend you play around with the settings to decide which you like better.


Manual mode on a camera lengthens exposure time to thirty seconds. For scenes in the

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Holiday Flavor Craze: How Marketing Influences Flavor

Many of us are aware of the coffee shop stampedes for the flavor crazes of pumpkin spice, gingerbread, and the infamous candy corn, but how did these flavors become so popular? It’s all about the marketing. Some may argue it’s because the flavor is good, but how did that good taste get started? Surely there had to be drafts that didn’t turn out. How do you create a flavor loved by so many? Let’s look at the flavor pumpkin spice. Most people know what ingredients go into a pumpkin pie. There’s cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg,

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18 September

Emmys 2017

Emmy StatuetteEmmys

Stephen Colbert hosted the 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday September 17th. The Handmaid’s TaleBig Little Lies, Atlanta, SNL, and Veep were the big winners of the night. But they weren’t the only winners as history was made when Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lena Waithe, and Sterling K. Brown took the stage to accept their awards.  Louis-Dreyfus won her sixth consecutive Emmy for Veep, Waithe became the first African-American woman to win a writing Emmy, and Brown is

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Meet the new interns:

Jessica – Graphic Design Ryan – Video Production Gabrielle – Marketing

We have 12 very important questions to ask these new individuals, ranging from the mundane to the necessary and nerdy. Let’s get started!
What are you majoring/minoring in?

Jessica – Graphic Design, no minors Ryan – Digital Media and a Communications minor Gabrielle – American History with Art and Creative Writing minors respectively

Where are you going to school?

Jessica – Daemon College Ryan – Canisius College Gabrielle – SUNY Oswego (Graduated)

Where do you hope

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