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  • artiste-locale-marcelo-florencio
  • artiste-locale-marcelo-florencio
  • artiste-locale-marcelo-florencio
  • artiste-locale-marcelo-florencio

Artiste Locale: Marcelo Florencio




Artiste Locale: Marcelo Florencio from SunSpin Media on Vimeo.

The 2014 summer SSM Creative Team embarked on a long perilous journey to find the perfect match for their recent rendition of the Artiste Locale. The process of unearthing an uncommon artist seemed daunting at first but your friendly neighborhood SSMC Team pooled their brain power and found the man for the task. Meet Marcelo Florencio; A Brazilian-born, Buffalo-residing glass artist with an eye for all things natural. The man was a magician of sorts, casting spells  and conjuring flames that morphed glass elements into immovable modern figurines and ornaments filled with vibrant color. Although his art was stationary, Marcelo showed us that his work could take flight—almost literally…

During the time spent with the glass artist, the team quickly noticed his ability to multitask through the interview process, so as a result, we chose to ask a series of hard-hitting questions as Marcelo worked on his latest project for an aquatic loving client. Capturing him in this state allowed for an out-of-the-box film approach establishing a very hands-on, interactive interview.

The focus of the interview did remain on Marcelo and his glass art but we wanted to make sure the audience had room to understand his journey to the path of enlightened glass-work. That’s where we intertwined his travels between Brazil, USA and Italy with idea that his art didn’t need to have boundaries to flourish. His cross-cultural studies and aptitude to mold into his new self truly allowed him to become a professional, but what really set him aside from the other artists was his undying love of hybridizing different cultures into his work.

It was extremely interesting seeing Marcelo in his natural habitat and because of this, we were able to capture the essence of his message in his collected state. The end product was an extreme success. We hope you enjoy our last contribution to the summer 14′ SSM Creative Team.  Be well fellow readers and remember, do not let boundaries set you back, let them be transparent as you enter your very own road to success.


Artiste Locale – Bill Battaglia

When I first met Bill at his home in Williamsville, we spent about an hour discussing about his art work, inspirations, and his goals as an artist.

Bill Battaglia, an emerging local artist, is a painter, photographer, and a sculptor. He named his type of art as “Modern Decay”. He enjoys finding and repurposing salvage items like abandon wooden blocks, or wooden pieces, turn them around and make them into beautiful art pieces. He likes bringing new life into old abandoned items. Continue reading


Why So Serious? – Short Film

Greetings everyone!
We’re a group of 5 interns, who just a few weeks ago, were complete strangers. Yeah, faces may have looked familiar, we could have passed one other on campus,  or sat next to each other on the crowded subway.
Continue reading