Buffalove: To Hollywood and Back

Buffalo, NY is not just that city that always gets snow or that town that is on the way to Canada. We have the bills, must see locally owned businesses and a great skyline. Buffalo has also served as a backdrop to some noteworthy films and TV shows. Right here in our, “City of Good Neighbors,” some legendary films have used our beloved city to showcase in their movies.

Bruce Almighty is known for using our very own WKBW radio station as their on-screen radio station. The sequel to that movie Evan Almighty, also used parts of Buffalo to shoot their opening scenes.

Next, we have a horror favorite, A Quiet Place 2. Parts of this movie were filmed right here in Buffalo and surrounding areas. The streets of our hometown and the more wooded areas were used as scenery for this Hollywood hit.

A classic movie: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles had all their car scenes shot right on 219 South of Buffalo. Recently the Statler hotel was featured on a Travel Channel show, Destination Fear, a ghost hunting show that premiered last year. It featured the team roaming Hertel and exploring downtown. More recently the team also visited Rolling Hills Asylum, outside Buffalo, but close enough, right?

This goes to show you that Buffalo has a rich history and is know for more than just snow. We were the site of the Pan-Am Expedition back in 1901 and we are known for our architecture and art scene. It is no wonder why directors and location scouts choose our city to be a part of their movies.

One of the longest shows on television that recently came to an end, Supernatural had two episodes filmed locally near Buffalo. Episodes 6.08 and 3,03 were filmed on the outskirts of Buffalo. With all these movies and shows using Buffalo as their home, it is no surprise that by the end of 2022 a new film studio will be finished right here in our wonderful city.

The former Republic Steel plant, 27 acres have been bought to put together a 75-million-dollar project will take Buffalo from a feature on shows and movies to maker of movies. Will Buffalo be the next Hollywood?