The Creative Process Can be Frustrating, Yet Productive

Sometimes, in the moment, we do not see that our creative process is up to par. In the midst of a project and a deadline, you can create something, and end up going with a product that you are proud of. Then, you have to edit, submit for review, and edit some more before finally coming to a conclusion. What you don't expect is that, weeks later you may have to edit the project once more. You get frustrated and your stress begins to creep in. However, once you take a step back and analyze and assess the whole picture, you may realize that in the end you will end up with a stronger project. 

I have been working on a logo for a bit now. This logo has gone through many stages and been finalized several times. When I was told that I had to, yet again, make changes and edits, I was stressed and overwhelmed. I spent hours and hours trying to come up with new options and edits before walking away because I ended up hating everything I began. 

I gave myself a day off from the logo and diverted my attention to other things. Then I was sitting there today and I got hit with inspiration, coming up with a logo that was way stronger than ever before. There is no guarantee that it will be used, however, we are in the right direction. My advice to you, as a creative is the following.

Give Yourself Time

A lot of the time, we get a project, jump head first, and devote all of our attention and time to this new task. This can cause a burn out, and our ability to create anything is slowed or stopped altogether. It is easy to get sucked into a new task, though I suggest making a plan to spend limited time on new tasks. 

Create a Schedule

Setting up a time limit to devote to a project can help immensely. While a formal schedule may not be necessary, setting aside blocks of time to focus on other projects is a key to successful work. 

Take a Break

When you feel frustrated, get up from your desk and walk around. Give your eyes a break from staring at a screen. If able to, focus on something without a screen, such as talking to a friend or co-worker. 

Trust Your Instincts

We know more than we think we do. We received our education and have had experience working with clients. We know how to create successful content. Don't second guess yourself; if your gut is telling you that the product is not as strong as it could be, listen to that when you can. This can be difficult when working with clients, because sometimes you have guidelines and parameters you cannot go outside of. As a creative, you know what works best and can turn your ideas into a reality.

Go easy on yourself

It is easy to get into the habit of beating yourself up over a project. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to our work. If you have to, get an outside opinion!

I hope you can take this advice and run with it. Sometimes we have to go too little or too far with our ideas, in order to know what is truly best for ourselves and our clients.