End of the Spring 2021 Internship Potluck

The time has come for us interns to say goodbye to SunSpin Media. We can still remember our first shifts at the beginning of February, and now we are no longer caterpillars. We are butterflies *sniff*.  All jokes aside, we’ve loved our time at SunSpin Media and all the projects we’ve been able to work on. 

As per SunSpin Media tradition, our last day was celebrated with a potluck! All of us interns, along with our supervisors, brought a dish to pass (safely) as we had one final meeting together. We took this time to reflect on our time with SunSpin Media and all we’ve been able to accomplish in the past three months. 

Personally, one of my favorite things about being a Marketing Intern at SunSpin Media has been the creative freedom I’ve been given during my assignments. Melissa was always available as a guide, but I always felt trusted and supported to make my own creative decisions. Another favorite thing was how valued I felt during my time at SunSpin Media. I know the research I did and the effort I put into my projects were always appreciated. My voice was heard, and my opinion was valued and considered when it came time to make decisions. 

Now that our time is almost done, SunSpin Media is looking for a new group of interns! We can’t recommend interning at SunSpin Media enough. The culture is friendly and helpful and we’ll be forever grateful for everything we got to experience while being part of the SunSpin Media team. If you’re looking for an internship for college credit, or just to gain experience, SunSpin Media is the place to be!

To apply go to Indeed and search Sunspin Media.