Essential Stock Images

By: Kayla Milligan, Marketing Intern Fall 2020

Whether it’s print media or digital media, stock images are a crucial part of the atmosphere creation and design process. From a creative standpoint, there are several essential types of stock images you should always keep on hand when creating content. Designing a well-organized, multi-layered project involves getting a hold of valuable, versatile photos that will set your work apart from the other media content out there. Our team of professionals decided on three types of stock images we deem to be the most utilized and efficient when making a great foundation for our projects.

The first important type of stock image is background textures. These types of images bring a certain kind of depth and personality that is versatile to your design. Background textures can be layered as a backdrop that corresponds with different fonts, logos, and pictures. This can set an authentic atmosphere and sense of detail that other types of stock images can't quite establish.

Subjects placed on a white background is the second type of stock image that is important to keep in mind when creating content. To search for this kind of image online, just look up “subject + white background” for best results. These pictures work great for using Photoshop’s Refine Edge function which leaves designers with much more freedom to edit the background color or make the background transparent. Colored and dark backgrounds should be avoided if you can help it, there is a more complicated and uncertain process of editing which makes white backgrounds feel like a breeze in comparison. Ideally, the stock image will have minimal floor shadowing and a clear silhouette. You want to use these types of stock images for design projects requiring specific subjects (e.g. Camera, Dog) so that it enhances the imagery and message of whatever the viewer is looking at. 

A third important type of stock image that is extremely useful and valued is mockup shots. These easy-to-edit stock images are perfect for integrating your designs into a showcase of posters or screens that brings them to life. This can be great for giving clients a preview of your work, especially for print and web designers. Graphic templates such as these can make the difference in swaying the public eye to be more interested in your design project and want to learn more.  

When designing a project, There are several essential types of stock images that will allow your work to flourish in conveying the message and atmosphere you intended to your viewers. Background textures, subjects on white background, and mockup shots are the three types of stock images the SunSpin Media team of professionals agreed were the most crucial to have in your files. Good luck in producing quality, multi-layered, and efficient content and we hope this list will positively influence your creative work in the future.