Expanding Our Print Room

What do you think of when it comes to making a difference in the world? Personally, I think of hard work and dedication. I think about doing research to find the perfect solution to the problem needing to be solved. I think of finding numbers, exploring investments, researching target markets, and coming up with a plan to make it all happen. When I first began my career at SunSpin Media, I never guessed that I would be putting forth the above statements to make our dreams turn into a reality.

As an intern for SunSpin Media in Fall 2016, we were a small printing firm with a primary focus on benefiting our largest internal company, WNY Medical. We printed business cards, ID badges, posters, flyers, and brochures to benefit the brand of this business. At the time, my supervisor had a handful of external clients under her belt, leaving me with motivation to do the same, one day. We had a small print room with a fair production machine, capable of printing paper products and booklets. We had a manual paper cutter that required brief physical labor to accomplish print jobs slowly, but surely. As an intern, I found this astounding, but I knew it could still be bigger and better.

I came onto SunSpin Media as a part-time employee in February 2017, reminiscing on my memories as an intern, as well as reflecting how I can be a strong asset to this establishment. We invested into an electric guillotine cutter, making the print process faster now than ever before. Still, I feel as if our quality of operation wasn’t in top condition. I received a promotion to Creative Director of Design & Print in June 2017, funny enough, the day after my birthday. This is where I knew my destiny had been found. I knew I was here to make a difference with SunSpin Media, and I made it my goal from that day forward to do so.

Three and a half years later, SunSpin Media has grown into a well-established print shop, making creations unlike ever before. We retired our entry-level guillotine cutter and printer, investing into top-of-the-line equipment. This includes an advanced guillotine cutter, as well as two large production machines. This involved construction of our office, expanding our small print room into a larger space to hold these astounding pieces of equipment. One specific machine can produce larger books and booklets than we ever thought possible, as well as synthetic papers and fifth color printer, going beyond the standards of a typical print shop. We are currently doing research into additional equipment that allows us to do die-cutting, as well as sealing designs on more synthetic materials.

They always say, when you have a dream, run after it and don’t look back. Make your ambitions worth the time and effort you put forth to make them happen. Last, but certainly not least, dedicate yourself to life-long learning and saturate your knowledge, every step of the way.


We have received our die-cutting machine! We also invested into an updated folding machine with the capabilities to fold paper products faster than ever before. Die-cutting is a machine process that has adjustable needles and equipment to cut paper products, magnets, stickers, and window clings into unique shapes. Shapes can be as simple as a circle, or an unique as an in-depth illustration with a vast array of curves and lines. We can also use this machine as a creaser, allowing package design to come into play for entry-level printing and distribution. We look forward to using these services with our clients in the near future.