Find Your Niche

The internet is full of surprises and you never know what can come around the next corner. Every day a new trend or viral challenge springs up and it is up to social media marketers to jump on the trends that fit their company if they fit at all. Here at SSM, we have tried to hop on many meme trains, but none of them have stuck. It is hard to adapt viral internet memes to fit your brand, though one day you will find that something sticks, or you decide that being part of the popular kids table is not for you.

SunSpin is a small business, owned and operated by a diverse team. For us it has been a journey to try to find our niche. Changing staff and department heads over ten years has made it difficult to stay on track, thought the last two years have been a great growth opportunity for us here at SunSpin. We have settled into a focused and dedicated team and found our client base. We have found our bubble and we love it here.

We have an amazing clientele and are proud to say that most of them are small, locally owned businesses. We love being the small business for small businesses and take pride in each of our client’s jobs. Whether that is a small print job, a large print job, social media management, or graphic design.

Don’t try to force yourself into a corner of the digital world that just doesn’t fit your brand or company. Staying true to yourself and the values of your company is important and essential for consistent and solid content. While it may seem like you have to get on the popular hash tags and meme wagons, don’t do it at the expense of your company.

Be the unique one because everyone else is trying to cheat off the person next to them. Sometimes being the black sheep of the family isn’t such a bad thing. Hold true to the core values and to your niche. They are your clients because you are different from the masses.