Game Day Favorites

Get to Know the SSM Team – Favorite Game Day Snacks 

We here at SSM love football Season, there’s nothing better than getting whatever it is from your favorite place and watching the Bills play. The 4 of us sat down and wrote about our favorite place to eat, and our favorite game day food from these places. 
Katy, Creative Director of Design and Print - Duff’s 

When it comes to game day, my go to restaurant is Duff’s Famous Wings. In terms of mealtime, I order their chicken wing dip as an appetizer. For the main course, I order medium light chicken wings. The level of heat and amount of sauce is the perfect sensation for the phenomenal wing. This is the perfect meal for me because, minus the tortilla chips, it is a low carb option for those looking to watch their girlish figure. A variety of heat and sweet levels are available for enjoyers of all levels. Go Bills! 


Melissa, Director of Marketing and Production - Franco’s 

My pick for favorite game day 9or any day) snacks, is Franco's. My two favorite things to get there are pizza and chicken fingers. Their pizza is always the perfect ratio of dough to sauce to cheese. As someone who loves their pizza saucy, I rarely have to ask for extra! I like to get chicken fingers there with their honey mustard BBQ sauce. SO good. To make the deal even better all their finger orders come with fries! To top it off, the employees are always friendly and attentive, even when busy. There orders are always right, and on the rare occasion something go awry, it gets fixed.  

Definitely highly recommend trying out any of their five locations. 


Brody, Media Production and Marketing Coordinator - Buffalo Tap Room 

There's no greater game day food than chicken wings, and if you're looking for a good spot to get them, look no further than Buffalo Tap Room. A great local restaurant with a variety of great options. Grilled or fried, I've never been disappointed by the wings here. 


John, Assistant Marketing and Media Coordinator - Dwyer’s 

“My whole life I’ve grown up watching sports and every Sunday you can find me eating chicken wings. It’s like Brody said “There’s no greater game day food than chicken wings.” I just recently moved to Buffalo and one of the first places I was introduced to was Dwyer’s, from then on, I’ve been hooked. Everyone has their wing place I know, but this is mine so take it how you want but their medium wings are just perfect and not many other places I’ve had have come close to these wings!”