Hello Future SunSpin Media Interns!

Dear Future Interns, Welcome to SunSpin Media! My name is Lillee and I am the current marketing intern this summer. Sitting next to me is Michael, the graphic design intern, and Alexis, the video production intern. We are here to share some of our intern wisdom with you, and hopefully prepare you for your time at SunSpin!

Creative Freedom One of our favorite parts about being at SunSpin was how greatly our ideas were valued and implemented. If you want to make the most out of your time here and create some high quality projects, then you’ve just got to do it! Tell Brittany, Dain, and Katy your ideas and let them know exactly how you want to execute them. You will be surprised at how fast the turnaround rate for a project can be when you are passionate about it.

Wear Many Hats Working in a small office with a handful of employees means getting involved in many different departments. The three of us were always in communication with the marketing department, graphics department, and video department despite our specific internship titles. Working in a creative agency requires you to know many different skills, so why not learn them now?

Real World Experience Yes, we all have professors who claim they’re preparing us for the real world by creating due dates and critiquing our work. The truth is, nothing prepares you for the real world, besides the real world. For some of you, this may be your first internship, or your first time working in your desired career path. When given the opportunity to sit in on client meetings, work in product photo shoots, or give feedback on the newest cover of ‘Your HWH,’ take advantage of it!

Collaboration At the end of the day, we can all agree that the collaboration and friendship that we shared as interns was the best part. By working with Michael and Alexis I have been able to pick up a few tricks on Illustrator and learn how to work a camera – things that I didn’t expect to learn before starting the internship. I hope that you guys work together and support each other because ultimately, you are a team!

Until Next Time! Lillee, Michael and Alexis