How to Create a Marketing Portfolio

by: Will Berkowitz

Creating a marketing portfolio for your business is one of the best ways to show future clients what you are all about. To do this, you need to make a website with a personal domain and effectively communicate what your business provides.

I conducted an informational interview with a marketing specialist who works with the Binghamton Devils, Tyler Sgrignoli. In this interview for my college class, Tyler informed me about the usefulness of establishing your portfolio. His website is

It is just as, if not more important to showcase your portfolio properly for small businesses. This means showing your previous work while showcasing your presentation ability and skills.

Display your previous projects as a collage with descriptions of each one. Some examples of what to include are social media campaigns, broadcast media (TV, radio, podcasts, etc.), event coordination and management, graphic design, video editing, promotional partnerships, and email/text communications. With everything you include in your portfolio, RESULTS are the most significant selling point that must go along with all of it. If you can demonstrate how your work has benefited your clients and have people see it, you will have a line of clients out the door. Quantifying everything is key, as numbers make information more digestible and concrete. 

You want your website to be easy to navigate. Make it organized and eye-catching. Have your contact information throughout the website, and separate your different skills into categories under tabs. You also want your “about” page to be personalized to your company and staff.

Exhibit passion! You want your website to show how dedicated you are to being the best at what you do. You want your experience to not just represent professionalism, but also creativity, energy, and care in what you do. You most likely got into marketing because you hold these qualities. Now you have to deliver an adequate representation of them!