How Fashionably Frank Marketing Grew into a 6-Figure Business

How I Launched and Grew a 6 Figure Marketing Business in My Early 20s
I never saw myself as a business owner. I had only just turned 21 and enrolled in a business class in college after my other top pick classes had already filled to capacity… it was as if the universe knew that’s where I was meant to be! After an informational interview with a business owner I admired from Twitter, I was asked to join her team as a contactor and before you knew it, I had my license! In the event that you’re a new business owner or considering starting your own business, I hope these tips behind how I launched and grew a 6 figure marketing business help you.

Don’t Overthink It
Starting a business may sound like a crazy big endeavor (and it can be, if you’re sourcing products or opening a hospitality establishment!), but a service-based business is quite simple, especially if you have low overhead. All I needed to start was a computer, a few online subscriptions and a $50 business license! Just apply for that license and sort out the other stuff (taxes and logistics) later – there will always be professionals there to help you along the way.

Lean on Mentors
I cannot stress this tip enough. I started gathering a group of mentors and confidants during my two college marketing internships, and since I live in a smaller city where it seems like everyone knows everyone or at least has two degrees separation, these relationships led to lots of career opportunities when I was ready to launch my business. Not only did I receive formative advice and coaching from these mentors, I ended up gaining prestigious clientele from their referrals.

Continue Education
No matter what field you find yourself in, it is incredibly important to continue you education and stay on top of the changing trends and latest research. This can also set your business up for a successful advantage among the rest in your area as not everyone considers a mindset of life-long learning vital to their business and oftentimes you’ll find a lot of competitors failing to keep up with the tide.

Don’t Skimp on Branding & Marketing
The two largest, most important investments I made early on in my business was investing monetarily in a holistic branding package and investing my own time into implementing a solid social media and greater content marketing strategy. I preach this to all my clients – it is crucial that you do it right and invest in this area to bring strong brand awareness to you desired audience.

I hope these tips came in handy! If you have any questions as you travel along the journey, don’t hesitate to reach out – I’m always happy to chat.

Kathryn Coffman is the owner of Fashionably Frank Marketing, a millennial-driven digital marketing agency providing comprehensive content marketing solutions to heart-centered businesses and entrepreneurs, allowing them to transcend overwhelm, discover balance and leave impact. You can find her on social media @fashionablyfrankmarketing.