How to Market Yourself

Nowadays, going to college, getting good grades, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree, and receiving even higher-level degrees have become too ordinary. We live in a credential society that often values certifications more than qualifications and potential. So what do you do without pursuing a decade of schooling? 

Learn how to market yourself.

This starts with building a portfolio. The point of creating a personal portfolio is to prove yourself beyond degrees, a resume, and grades. You want to showcase what makes you unique and an asset. So what do you show off?

Start your own website with pictures of previous job experience. This can display your work-ethic and growth. You can also run a social media page for something that you’re interested in. This can illustrate your creative ability and familiarity with current trends. Along with this, you can create a YouTube channel to present your content. You can also interview people, write articles, make a podcast, or speak publicly at events.

When it comes to making yourself more hirable, learning a skill is a considerable difference-maker. Some examples are coding, statistics, graphic design, video editing, and speaking another language. There are way more skills out there, and it’s best to try some out to find where you might thrive.

With all of that said, you must embrace criticism. Understand that you’re not perfect and take whatever feedback you can get that will help you grow.

It won’t be overnight, but you will stand out from the rest if you stick with it!