How to Pick Type Pairings

Typography is an art within itself and choosing the right font to go with whatever work you are doing can be challenging. So, we are here to offer some tips on how to choose the perfect font for whatever your design needs are.

One of the first tips we can offer is staying within a font family. This is probably the easiest way to pair fonts by not using different ones. A great font family to get started with would be Lucida. Lucida has a variety of styles, weights, and variations. It’s a good family that consist of serifs and sans serifs of the same typeface.

Another tip we like to use a lot ourselves is pairing contrasting typefaces together. This is one of our ways we like to mix things up and establish a nice hierarchy. When playing with contrasting typefaces, we like to pair a serif with a sans-serif. This allows each type to be able to standout on its own, all while having some similar characteristics to the type its paired with. A good example of this would be Acumin and Orpheus. Acumin has a total of 90 styles to play with and can be used in a variety of ways. Orpheus adds that flair to the piece, it has a small number of styles, but it sure does standout when its paired and used correctly.

One last tip we’d like to bring to you is pairing sub-categories. Each type is broken down into classifications. Serif and sans serif have their own uniqueness to them, but even more so are broken down further into sub-categories. For example, there are Old style serifs such as Bembo, Caslon and Garamond which would pair well with Humanist sans serifs like, Gill Sans or Lucida Grande. Then we have more transitional serifs which have a difference between thick and thin strokes, such as Times. This would pair well with one of my personal favorite typefaces Futura, and some others such as Univers and Avenir.

There are many other ways to pair fonts, these were just some of our favorite ways we like to use when designing whatever is thrown at us. Below we paired some of the fonts we mentioned, and some of our other personal favorites together for you to see and let us know what you think.