Importance of Social Media Detox

Social Media platforms produce a collage of ordered data sets that display an overwhelming array of vibrant colors arranged by the social behavior of its user. Think of it as the vegas strip for your thumbs. These applications give the user a sense of comradery without leaving the couch, vanity sponsored by filters on videos, and possible jealousy of a lifestyle out of your reach. It is almost as though the designers for those applications want their target demographic to spend all their free time on the app. While social media platforms help connect people and highlight unheard voices or perspectives, it also gives the viewer a false sense of reality that renders them metaphorically blind from the real world. 

A social media detox, for even a mere day, will help you redefine how you spend your free time and give yourself a break from the anxiety of making or monitoring your posts. However, a social media detox may be more difficult than just simply not checking the platforms for some because of the fear of missing out. In order to reduce the temptation of checking the social media platforms try deleting the apps for a set amount of time. A social media detox is important because it is vital to a person’s sanity to take a break from the drama and flash of the content on social media platforms. Your mind and body will thank you.