The Importance of Taking Risks

Risk-taking is a societal value that is preached all the time. It has been expressed that taking risks is a crucial step in reaching one’s full potential. But, if we all know that taking risks is important for development, why don’t we all do it?

Accepting the possibility of failure is much easier said than done. The implications of failing include facing self-doubt, criticism from others, rejection, and disappointment. Despite these feelings, failure builds character, and all of us need to experience it. We are naturally anxious to put ourselves in a position of facing uncertainty. Many of us take the most comfortable and safe approaches because of this.

In fields like marketing, design, and video production, that involve creative thinking, many of us aim to be perfectionists to receive positive reactions about our work. Since these are all abstract in their own way, there is no set path to follow when it comes to strategizing approaches and creating content. 

A lot of marketing is an art form, and therefore, can receive very subjective feedback. Perfectionism is unattainable because everyone has their opinion on art. Spending too much time creating one perfect advertisement is far worse than producing multiple ads, risking failure, and seeing what works.

The possibility of not creating a graphic design that is more “out-there” to preserve the comfort of doing what already works can hinder growing your marketing strategy. The same thing goes for not experimenting with new things in video editing or not attempting new marketing tactics. As easy as it is to avoid taking risks, it impedes the opportunity to reach your full potential.

Overcoming fear in unfamiliarity and handling uncomfortableness are central stepping stones towards mastery. Believe in yourself, your opinions, and your creations. Failure is only a part of your journey towards success. Take that risk, or take a few! One of them will work out and set you on the path to even greater success.