Intern Spotlight: Will

Will Berkowitz - Marketing Intern

Will is a junior at the University at Buffalo, expecting to graduate in the spring of 2022 with his B.A. in Communication and a minor in History. Will also chose to minor in history because he greatly enjoys hearing stories that have led to the present day and feels that history is one of the most important social science studies to learn.

Will is from Long Island, New York, and has made a second home of Buffalo, enjoying being so close to Canada and embracing the city's hockey culture. He is also a twin. Will chose to apply for a marketing position because he enjoys the creativity involved in marketing. He is also a Resident Assistant, working in the dorms at the University at Buffalo, and has gained great leadership experience from that along with a fantastic group of coworkers. 

Outside of school and work, you can probably catch Will jump roping in his dorm room, working out, video editing, watching stand-up comedy specials, and listening to music. Will also has a passion for nature and loves going on hikes. He is hoping to travel around the world one day, but in the meantime, he is taking in all of the beauty that he can from hikes throughout New York. Will is planning to gain various intern experiences to find what type of career fits him best. He is interested in marketing, human resources, and videography. They are all different positions from each other, but are all of interest. Will is enthusiastic about gaining new experiences and working with awesome people at SunSpin Media.