Intern Spotlight: Jean

Jean Hund - Graphic Design Intern

Jean is a senior at Villa Maria College who will be receiving a BFA in Graphic Design this spring.

After graduation, Jean would like to do a bit of exploring before settling down in the area and pursuing a career in Buffalo’s design community. Jean’s work has been described as minimalistic and colorful. Her personal work reflects this in the portraits she creates, where she uses blocks of color and shapes that turn into images of her family and friends.

When she’s not working, Jean enjoys sewing, reading, and catching up on any shows she’s missed. She just finished WandaVision, and boy was that a rollercoaster! She’s currently enjoying the Harry Potter series (again) while waiting on the next Marvel tv series to start.

Jean is excited to have the opportunity to work alongside the amazing team at SunSpin Media and expand her design skills while also learning what it’s like at local agency.