Intern Spotlight: Leonard

Leonard Crittenden - Video Production Intern

When you pair flowing shirts, a camera around the neck, and interest in natural sciences, you get what is commonly known in the wild as a Leonard. Having a strong passion for film at a very young age, I found myself amongst those who share the same drive. Being from the inner city of Buffalo, finding productive ways of our creation was always proven difficult, no matter the crowd. Crossing VHS with an obsession for historical accuracy, I believe that my style is all. Being able to put that drive in style to something bigger than me is something that can and will prove wondrous going forward. Having a Perfectionist Attitude towards your craft is something that is often seen as frustrating some, although it can prove and has proven to be some thing that has molded my previous projects to things that I’m overly proud of.

I’m hoping to bring a lot of new insight and representation to the firm, as I believe my artistry will be very well received.