Overcoming Insecurities in Marketing

By: Will Berkowitz

Insecurity can prevent any of us from reaching our full potential if we let it. We often get consumed by “what ifs” and comparing ourselves to others. When circumstances become out of the ordinary, we often shy away from the uncertainty, but we need to embrace the uncomfortableness. Being able to overcome feelings of insecurity is a challenge many of us face in our lives, but often in our work too. Marketing involves being able to put yourself out there and display your creativity. The only way to develop a remarkable marketing strategy is by stepping out of one’s comfort zone. 

So how do you do that?

It starts with acknowledging your insecurities and why they exist. Some of us are very judgmental about ourselves and become perfectionists. A good marketing strategy involves risking imperfection. As important as it is to have grand aspirations, it is more paramount to get out and learn from failures than directing all of your attention towards flawlessness.

It is also necessary to surround yourself with positivity. Having people be constantly critical of you or themselves can drag you down. Enjoy the optimistic mindsets around you and learn to go with the flow of things. Positivity has a strong link with creativity and can powerfully boost your ideas. Despite the desire to plan for all case scenarios in marketing, situations that come out of nowhere will make you more adaptable and lead to growth. Unexpected bumps in the road can make you think even more outside of the box, and sometimes that’s what it takes to come up with a homerun marketing plan. It’s best to be mindful when overthinking hypothetical situations and push through the hesitancy.

Along with everything said, do not compare yourself to others when it involves things out of your control. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “comparison is the thief of joy.” Although, not all comparison is detrimental, unrealistic and uncontrollable comparison is an issue for self-esteem. Your competition might hit the jackpot on an idea before you do or acquire a client that you had planned to partner with. In order to overcome your insecurity, you must start with focusing on yourself and not others. From there, it is all trial and error, but with enough trial will come success!