Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference


When it comes to working in a print shop even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. Being the head of marketing, I always pay attention to how other brands and companies tend to package their products. I find that packaging is key to the follow through on a client’s print job. You can have a perfectly done print job, yet if you have it packaged a certain way, the effect is lost.

For us, we had to come up with a way to present our products in their final stage using a small budget. Being a small business, it takes a lot of creativity and outside the box thinking to make updates and present in a professional manner. So, I researched some new ways of packaging our client's orders and got us some fancy boxes! Okay, I think they are pretty fancy, and I am probably way too excited about them. These plain white boxes, that we put our logo stickers on and seal with our icon tape are a huge step up from the paper bags we used to use.

I am proud of the work we do for our clients and these boxes protect their print jobs better and provide a more professional looking package to the person receiving it and anyone who sees it. I can't wait to come up with even more ways to improve things for us and our clients.

Up next is Katy explaining how new paper options expanded our catalog and allowed us to better serve you.


SunSpin Media has come a long way when it comes to our print services. Thanks to upgraded machinery, we can create special takeaways unlike ever before! Our standard print products typically meet at a perpendicular corner. This means that they come together at a 90-degree angle, accordingly. We now offer rounded corner options for our clients, giving a look to viewers that really moves the eye. This can be applied to a variety of print products, including, but not limited to, business cards, invitations, greeting cards, flyers, and posters. Our latest print product are magnets, and let’s just say it has produced very attractive results! Our happy clients can send out business cards and invitations unlike ever before, giving consumers that finishing touch that goes above and beyond. Now keep your eyes peeled, we may have even more print services coming your way!

Up next is Brody explaining he and Melissa have worked together to reform our marketing strategies!


Our print services aren’t the only things that show how small changes make big differences. Our approach to developing and releasing content has also recently changed. Between the marketing and video departments, we have developed short, easy to consume content for social media and began consistent weekly releases alongside other small additions like live broadcasts and stories on social media. We’ve learned that not only is developing good content important, but also how to properly release it to maximize engagement with our audience. Something as simple as the timing of a post can dramatically affect how it performs and who it reaches, which really goes to show you that even the smallest changes in the simplest of places can have a significant impact.