Social Media Analytics

For any social media marketer, analytics is key. Social media numbers are determined by how many people are visiting your pages, how many people have liked and shared your posts, and how many people have liked or disliked your page. The analytic tools can be found on each social platform. Facebook gives the most in depth look at your page performance, based on extensive breakdowns.

Facebook can give a summary, in which they condense the information into concise data. You can also go further into the numbers by clicking on each section in the side menu. Here, you can look at page views, page previews, follower count, likes, and more. Simply go to your page and click “Insights” and you will be taken to the analytics dashboard. 

On Instagram insights can be found on the menu on your profile. These analytics are not as in depth as the Facebook numbers. However, you can track how your post activity and interactions have changed from the previous week. You can also see how many accounts you have reached. 

As of right now, Twitter does not have an extensive analysis. You can, however, click analytics for each individual tweet. This tracks how many people saw and engaged with your tweet by liking, retweeting, or quote tweeting. 

These tools can help determine which type of content your clients and followers like to engage with, which in turn allows you to curate content moving forward that is more engaging and more likely to get noticed. 

Do you use any of these tools? Has it helped you? Let us know!

Facebook Analytics Dashboard Menu

Instagram Analytics can be found in the menu on your profile.

By clicking the three bars at the bottom right of the tweet, you can view that specific tweet's numbers.