SSM's Year in Review

2020 was a wild ride. SSM went through its own ups and downs right along with everyone else. Let us review some of our highlights, shall we?

We got to use our new printer.

We got ourselves a shiny new printer, thanks to our lovely and dedicated design and print director, Katy. We got to explore our new options such as perfect bind books, fifth color printing, and many new paper options. This new printer opened many possibilities that we were (and still are) excited to bring to you.

Some of us got promoted!

Melissa, who was assistant to the marketing and design departments, got promoted to the director of marketing. She has really enjoyed making this role her own and we are proud of her for the work she has done so far. The SSM crew cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in 2021.

Our team is growing.

In the Spring SSM said goodbye to two employees, opening the door for a fresh set of faces to join the team here.

Summer of 2020 Brody joined us to head our Video Production department after spending the spring as an intern. He has already started to implement his great ideas into action for us. We know 2021 will bring even more updating and innovation with him on the team.

The end of 2020 gave us two new employees. John and Kayla were our interns for the Fall semester, and we loved their work and decided to keep them on as staff! We cannot wait to take on 2021 with a larger team.

We’re so fancy! We’ve updated our look!

The SunSpin Media brand has shown progress over its 10-year lifetime. With the help of efficient creative directions, brainstorming sessions, and evolution of employees, SSM has shown its strengths in the industry to form a new, successful brand.

There is no question that the confirmation of a strong business identification is the key to a successful following. SunSpin Media has a developed group of followers and has been growing efficiently since the inclusion of our Creative Director, Katy, as well as our Marketing Director, Melissa. The transition of our brand came from the idea of our successful print department. The color inspiration comes from the four primary toner colors: Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, simply known as CMYK.

We continued the use of our successful logo composition, but with a retro touch. Not only do these colors represent printing, but they also represent the underlying personality of our team, enlightening characteristics of many types that have combined to form a successful movement.

We hope you continue to enjoy what we produce, who we are, and where we have grown. We are SunSpin Media, an establishment that focuses on quality products, efficient services, and creative solutions. Call us at (716) 775-7776 for more information on how we can build your brand.

We are ready to take on the new year in style with a growing and ambitious team. See you in 2021 refreshed and ready to help you with all your marketing, design, video, and print needs.