Supporting Small Businesses Beyond Saturday

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday and this year, more than ever we need your help to keep going. The movement was founded in 2010 by American Express, and has continued each Saturday preceding Thanksgiving day. While the movement began as a one day event, it is important to keep local shops and businesses afloat all year round. With the first shut down and a possible second one, small businesses in Buffalo are struggling to stay afloat. Please consider shopping small and shopping local. We need your help as much as you can. The reality is that small businesses do not have the backing or support of large corporations and count on people like you to help spread the word. 

We know that funds will be tighter than usual this year and understand it may be more difficult to be able to shop local. The ability to do so is even harder with the closing of non-essential businesses. The good news is that you can still support many local businesses by either sharing their posts or buying from their online shops. 

For more information and resources on how you can help, or if you are a small business in need of help, visit the Amherst Camber of Commerce Shop 716 website. There is also the Small Business Association website for resources and information. 

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Thank you to our loyal customers, stay safe, and happy shopping!