Two Quick Tips on Social Media Posts

By: Melissa Rothman and the SSM Marketing Team

You have been working hard to boost your social media engagement, and it has been working!

After success; posting diligently, tracking insights, and monitoring outcomes, it’s time for you to tackle a holiday...on a WEEKEND. What do you do? Here is what we found works best.

Plan Out the Post.

Nowadays social media is bombarded with content and just about everyone seems to be making it. But you, YOU want your content to stand out from the rest! The best way to do that is to plan and spend time making the content. After research, we have found that the more effort and detail put into your content, the better it does with views and shares.

Schedule Everything

We like to use Hootsuite (not sponsored) for our scheduling. What is it? It’s a website that allows you to post on multiple platforms all at once. And we’ll tell ya, this makes posting, SO much more efficient. You can also preschedule your posts... yup. Pretty cool. Check out your page’s Facebook or Instagram insights, and preset Hootsuite to post during your peak times/days!

A two-step plan, to a two-fold post!