What is a Twitter Fleet?

With Twitter rolling out Fleets (We are not amazed by the name), their answer to Instagram stories, the landscape of the marketing world will change. Let’s dive into how we feel about this new addition to social media and how it will affect our social media marketing strategies.

First, are Twitter stories necessary? Every new update to Twitter, the masses hope that edit button will finally. Instead, they give everything, but. Do we feel their version of the Instagram story is essential or even needed? No. And from what we have seen, no one seems super excited about it. We will learn to work with it and get back to you on if we hate, love, or are indifferent to it.

Second, with this new addition, social media managers now have an added thing worry about. Now there will be Instagram posts, and sharing to stories, Facebook posting and sharing to stories, Twitter posting, and sharing to stories. Plus, any other social platforms.

We will have to see how this effects the interactions on Twitter, just like it has on Instagram, though we aren’t convinced the users of Twitter like the idea. Maybe it will grow on us.