Why Our Interns Love Working at SSM


My experience with SunSpin Media has been nothing but positive. Working in this professional and inclusive environment has appropriately prepared me for more job experiences. The staff members have provided me with challenging work that was not overbearing. I would do this internship again in a heartbeat and if you are considering this internship program you should jump on this amazing opportunity. 


Interning at SunSpin Media has given all of us an amazing chance to experience the field of media and marketing up close and in person. We have gained experience in; SEO boosting, social media management, local business partnerships, blog writing and editing, and presenting marketing campaigns. Melissa and Katy are a lot of fun to work for and have granted us with a lot of autonomy. If you don’t jump in on this opportunity, you are definitely missing out!


 SunSpin Media and it’s fabulous staff members have given me a rewarding internship experience in the field of marketing. From creating thought out reform plans to present to the CEO to walking the streets of Buffalo to create connections for SunSpin Media, there have been a plethora of skills I have honed and confidence I have built in my professional life. SunSpin Media is not an internship where you complete busy work and side tasks that none of the other staff wants to do like how some internships can feel. You learn a lot about your field, have a lot to include in your resume by the end of the internship, and can feel self-assured and well-prepared for the job market.


My SunSpin Media internship has been very beneficial towards my future steps into the professional world of design. Being able to learn and work with high end printers, designing daily graphics for social media, to even writing my own article in their magazine. The experience here has been superb, and the people here are great as well. Katy and Melissa who I worked mostly with are very kindhearted and offered good constructive criticism. They aren’t afraid to tell you that a project needs more work, or that it’s just not cutting it. Overall, I ended up learning a lot and got great real-world experience in my field. It’s truly a good place to intern at, and the opportunity is there so take it.


Interning at Sunspin Media has been a fantastic learning experience for me. Throughout the semester I have learned so much about video production and have had the great benefit of working with the great staff members they have on site. Brody has critiqued my work and allowed me to become the best version of myself for video production then I could’ve asked for. I feel so much more confident in my script writing, camera work, and editing abilities then I did 3 months ago. Sunspin has been a great resource in teaching me many of the ins and outs of video production and helped me refine what I already knew, the experience I feel will truly help me moving forward.


As I intern with SunSpin Media, it has been a great look into how a group of people can come to work everyday to do something they're passionate about. I have been working retail for a few years now and being at SunSpin made me glad to be in an environment with so many smart, funny, and welcoming people ready to help. If it's not collaborating on ideas it's sitting down and getting them out. It's the shooting or editing. These moments of laughter and cooperation are what I will look for in my career and I'm glad SunSpin could provide a place for that. A place for creativity and shared experience. Thank you.